Gifts For Dads Over 30

Gifts for Dads over 30

Are you looking for gifts for dads who are in their 30’s? Dads at this age spend most of their days on day jobs to support their family. For Fathers Day UK this year, you could show your dad how appreciated he is by giving him something special. Of course, any gift would be wholeheartedly accepted by your dad. But a little effort to pick out a present that truly fits his interests would make it extra special.

Most dads love fixing things. They fix furniture that needs repairs. They also spend time maintaining and cleaning out their cars. Great gifts for dad are tools that he can use around the house. Power tools like cordless screwdrivers, electric hammers, cordless drills and car and universal sets are not only practical but also useful. These items could also replace your dad’s old and outdated tools. There are even special offers for these products. You can get these typically for less than £100 and most can last a lifetime.

You can also indulge your dad’s passion for sports with sporting experience gifts. You can take him on tours to UK’s famous stadium like the Arsenal Emirates or Wembley. For extremely fun and interactive experiences, take your dad out for a day of wakeboarding, flowboarding or paintballing.

For more of an adrenaline rush, you can even take him skydiving or white water rafting. Presents like these are not only fun for your dad but you and your entire family can also get in on the action. It would be a special day to bond and establish a closer relationship. These sporting experience gifts aren’t even expensive. By planning the activities yourself, you would be spending less than £30 for two.

For the tech savvy 30 something dad, select a present that can pique his interests. Why not give him a portable DVD player or digital camera? He can use these when goes out of town or when the whole family travels for a vacation.

Engraved gifts are also great gifts for dad. Gifts like these are more personal and truly show that you put some thought into purchasing the present. A simple pen or a clip tie would be made more special if it was engraved with your dad’s name or with your special message. For a fun and sweet personalized gift, a hamper of your dad’s favorite sweets will surely put a smile on his face.

A father’s day present is not as important as the amount of thought you put into it. Dads would surely appreciate any present that you give. You can even make him a simple card and he will still be touched with the effort. With these ideas of gifts for dads, you are given a wide array of choices to choose from to make your dad feel very much appreciated.

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