History of Fathers Day

Inspired by the success and presence of Mother’s Day, the history of Fathers Day in the UK began not too long afterwards (both early 20th century). The celebration of Fathers Day UK did not originate in the UK, but in the USA. Specifically, its origins were in Spokane, Washington, USA in 1910. Now it is celebrated in in the USA, UK and many other countries worldwide.

However, with all the beliefs of how men should be perceived as macho and the provider, Father’s Day was originally laughed off, ridiculed and parodied. It was also believed that some people were just looking for an excuse to add another “XYZ Day” to celebrate to the calendar. Seeing how this “XYZ Day” trend has continued to this day, this belief at least was correct, albeit perhaps not the best day to take a pot shot at in terms of the fact that a father is more directly relevant to everyone than some of the other “XYZ Days” are.

Fathers Day Quickly Rapid Rise To Populuarity

However, within 30 years, not only was Father’s Day supported up to Presidential level, it became commercialised. The history of Fathers Day finally begun to evolve into how it exists to the present day.

Now over 100 years old, Father’s Day has gone from a concept to a bona-fide celebration to show appreciation for your father, or the man who is the father of your children.

While the dates that this day is celebrated vary across the world, the most popular day for the celebration is the third Sunday in June, with the UK, USA and Canada all observing Father’s Day on this date. The agreement of the latter three is in stark contrast to the counterpart Mother’s Day, which in the UK is not only held on a different day to the US, but is not held on the same day each year either.

We hope you enjoyed this piece about the history of Fathers Day UK.