When Is Fathers Day Celebrated In The UK?

When is Fathers Day? Fathers Day is Celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the UK and many countries across the world. It honors the role and influence of fathers in society. It also complements Mother’s Day.

Have you ever wondered what the History of father’s Day was and when we begun to celebrate it?

History of Fathers Day

This celebration’s history began at the beginning of the 20th century in Spokane, Washington, USA. In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd imagined this Day while listening to a sermon at Mother’s Day in the Methodist Church in Spokane. It was a Sunday, and she thought about a holiday honoring her father, William Smart, a Civil War veteran, whose wife died when was Sonora was 16 and he had to take care of six children alone.

The next year, on 19 June, 1910, Sonora together with the help of the Spokane Ministerial Association and of the Young Male’s Christian Association organized a tribute to fathers by going to church wearing a red rose for a living father or a white rose for a deceased one. Sonora herself travelled through the city in a covered carriage offering gifts to shut-in fathers. This was the first time Father’s Day was observed in history.

But it took many years for this holiday to become official. Despite support from Christian organizations, the holiday was satirized as being shallow and commercial. Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge and Lyndon Johnson, as well as Senator Margaret Chase Smith intervened in favor of the Father’s Day, but it was all futile. Only in 1972, President Nixon’s proclamation made it a national holiday. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year.

But when is Father’s Day celebrated outside the United States? Most countries have on the same day as the Americans, but besides those 51, it varies from country to country and dates can be found throughout the year. In Serbia it is January 6, in Russia is February 23, in Italy, Portugal and Spain it is March 19, in Romania on the second Sunday of May, in Austria and Belgium on the second Sunday of June, in Brazil on the second Sunday of August, in Australia on the first Sunday of September and so on.

So, when is Father’s Day? Well it may differ around the world, but it is present everywhere, a fact that certifies for its importance and necessity. And, furthermore, just like Mother’s Day and any other event as such, need to be celebrated every day by respecting our parents and those around us.

Father’s Day Crafts

One of the most important Fathers Day crafts is making a present for one’s dad to be presented on Fathers Day UK. Kids are especially likely to want to do this. An activity that involved the whole family can also be arranged.

A valuable thing for children who create a gift for their fathers, is that this activity is also educational. Some schools include gift creation as part of its curriculum. Having that said, the child’s mother could also work with and encourage their child to create a present for their father, regardless of whether the school does or does not.

So, what are the Father’s Day crafts that children can do to create a gift? Well, the internet is full of great ideas for presents. For instance creating a photo frame from the word “Dad.” The pictures inside can contain one or more photos of the child.

Or some kind of origami gift, like a business card holder, an animal, or a star. Children will learn to improve their handling of objects, making them less clumsy and more creative. Also, like any artistic endeavor, it allows them to express themselves and articulate better their personality. These are lessons that they will benefit from throughout their lives.

If your kid has a natural inclination for one of the arts, encourage him to use it in his present/gift creation. For instance, if he or she is talented in music ask him or her to play or sing a song for their dad. If he or she likes literature, they could compose a poem or a short story. If he or she likes drawing, they could create a sketch or a painting. In this way you can sustain and encourage your child’s natural abilities, and your child will work with enthusiasm trying to give their best without feeling forced to do it. And it will be a fun project for them too.

Other fantastic ideas for Father’s Day crafts are doing something that Dad likes or enjoys. Tickets to a sports game or a concert or CD of his favorite band will be more than appreciated. He can actually enjoy these things with the whole family.

On the same note, something that he needs or wanted for a long time but couldn’t get is a much appreciated gift too. For example cleaning tools or a portable vacuum cleaner that he can use with his car or a new gadget. A gift where they child can get involved will be a great way to sustain the bond between father and child.

Father’s Day crafts are and should be about the father, but with a little attention the others can enjoy it too and strengthen the family relationship.

Fathers Day Ideas

Here are some Fathers Day ideas to help make shopping for presents for dad to unwrap on Fathers Day UK less stressful. Especially as your intention is to show him how much you care.

Well first things first. If you do not have much money to spend, then take a trip to Amazon and look around. Amazon have loads of great gifts that will cost you less than a hundred dollars, pounds, or euros.

If you need some more specific ideas, here are some.

If your father loves to do bits and pieces all around the house and loves to go rambling or backpacking, a Swiss Army Knife is sure to come in handy with all the tools that are packed into one handy little gadget.

A good bottle of aftershave is still a great gift. We all like good smell, and if we feel the smell good, we feel even more confident. Dad will appreciate – as long as you have a good nose for these kinds of perfumes, which he appreciates.

Unless your father is teetotal, he is sure to appreciate a good bottle of spirit, wine, or champagne. Fathers Day ideas are incomplete without mention of alcohol. You can even get him a personalised bottle of champagne or wine nowadays.

If you father is the sporty type, why not buy him an activity day out in a sports car, or paragliding or some other exciting activity. There are many activities on offer and you could even share in the thrill by buying a ticket for you and your dad.

If you have noticed your dad wearing the same watch or jacket for years on end, you can do him a great service by buying him a new one.

If your dad has a car does he have a GPS? If he does is it a good one? A GPS is a great gift for your dad to help him find his away around places that he has never been before so he does not get lost. He will love this present.

A short break away with mum makes a very great gift and if you are his other half then it is a great way of buying a present but with the bonus that you will get to benefit from it too. These breaks are great Fathers Day ideas being that two can benefit from them.

If dad loves to get involved involved in some DIY project or the other, get him a tool. See what he has and get him a more powerful version – drills, saws, power washers. Or even just upgrade his tool kit.

Fathers Day Ideas to delight your dad this Father’s Day.

Fathers Day UK

Fathers Day UK is celebrated together with a majority of the countries around the world that observe this day, 52 countries to be exact. They are Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, People’s Republic of China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Greece, Guyana, Hungary, India, Republic of Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Fathers Day UK is celebrated on the third Sunday of June – nice and simple in contrast to Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which means the Sunday is less predictable.

Fathers Day UK is a time of year to show your father how much you appreciate him, or for if you are a father, for the mother of your children to show how much you are appreciated. It is was created to complement Mother’s Day, which came first. Its history is traced to the United States, where it is believed to have first been observed on 19th June 1910 through the efforts of a Ms Sonora Dodd, who wanted to recognise the dedication and care that her father had provided to all 6 of his children after her mother passed away. There was an earlier recognition on 5th July 1908, but this event never became recognised, no doubt in part because the event was greatly overshadowed by Independence Day on 4th July and other things.

Of course, while the original spirit of the event was about recognition alone, it has today extended to become a more commercialised occasion. As such as well as buying gifts that can be used for any occasion, you also have gifts specific to and specifically mentioning Father’s Day, or dad, or from your son / daughter.

Personalised gifts are fantastic as they enable direct recognition and can be stored as a regular reminder. Who would not like to have an object that they use everyday saying to the best dad? You can get these in a variety of formats, mugs, slippers dressing gowns, photo albums / photo frames, and many more items.

Simply use your imagination and you will find a great gift for you dad. Don’t forget to consider even unusual gifts that he will never have been likely to have though of himself – a tree for example? Who would expect to be gifted something like that. Most importantly of all, remember the date is the third Sunday in June and you will want to order your gift at least a week in advance ideally to ensure you have it ready and wrapped, ready to present to dad for this year’s Fathers Day.

Personalised Fathers Day Gifts

Personalised Fathers Day Gifts are fantastic for giving a gift on Fathers Day UK that feels special and unique to your dad. There is nothing like receiving a gift with your own name on it to give it the edge above buying just any old present that you can get from anywhere for anybody.

You can get all manner of great gifts. If your dad loves his tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, then he would love a personalised mug. Or if he is more of a beer and ale drinker, there are beer mugs, or whisky glasses for dad’s that like a stiff drink. Or if your father is for the finer tastes of wines and champagnes, then there are personalised wine glasses and champagne flutes to be had too. In fact he may even love to have his own personalised bottle of wine or champagne to show off with!

If he loves his suits, he’ll always remember who gifted him a personalised set of cufflinks. You can help him stay organised and remember you at the same time with an engraved photo keyring.

If he’s out and about a lot, you can ensure he remembers the time and you, by buying him a very stylished personalised alarm clock, or photo frame.

Personalised fathers day gifts are truly a way to provide bother a gift that is memorable and also one that is much more likely to be a treasured keepsake than buying a non personalised retail item. It’s not like he is going to go and sell it when it’s got his name on it. But obviously the idea is that the personalised gift will be selected with care and will be such a delight for your father to receive that it will attract immediate sentimental value, becoming and instant treasured keepsake for him.